Students need weekly practice. We provide weekly practice on-line through video and other materials.

Go to "CLASS (STEP 1)" and fill out the form. That tells us that you have entered the class.






Great, now we know you've walked in the virtual dojang! When you filled out step 1 we got your info.


In step 3 you will pay $5.00 for your weekly class.


  • You are eligible to test/advance every 12 weeks attended online. The class can be viewed anytime through Sunday midnight USA/Eastern Standard Time.

  • You will pay a $15 registration fee for the next session you attend after you advance (or test). So for example if you test on the 12th week then you will owe a $15 registration fee and $5 class fee on the 1st week after you test (a total of $20). After that you pay $5 weekly as you do your next 12 week session. 

Once you pay in step 3 you will receive an email (within 24 hours) that will contain the following:

  • A link to the weekly class

  • A link to the on-line roster to track your attendance.

  • A password for the on-line roster.

  • A link to join our Facebook Private Group. 

You will be able to pay on-line with credit card, debit card and you do not need a Pay-Pal account. 




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